More Genuine, Less Guru | Selah Leaders Podcast | Episode 1

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In this episode of the Selah Leaders Podcast, Nick discusses the why, hopes, and vision of Selah Leaders. He also tells the story of how Selah Leaders started and the heart to help leaders live a life they don’t have to escape from.

More genuine less guru

Anytime you have a shred of influence, you’re a leader (05:57)

Nick Newman

You can find more information about the Lead Pastor getaway here

The problem is part of your purpose

The problems you see are things God is positioning you to fix (13:47)

Nick Newman

I refuse to live a life I have to escape from (16:56)

Nick Newman

What is the key to long-term faithfulness?

Stop playing the short game, play the long game (20:09)

Nick Newman

Nick Newman

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