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Navigating Crisis Seasons: Lessons from a Stolen Trailer

Navigating through crisis seasons can be challenging, especially for leaders. Recently, our church faced a significant crisis when our trailer, containing essential equipment for our services, was stolen just days before Easter. This blog post will summarize the key points from a sermon on how to handle such crises effectively, offering practical steps and biblical insights to help you stay grounded and focused.

The Power of Predetermined Responses

Why Should Leaders Expect Crisis?

Crises are inevitable in leadership. Knowing this, it’s crucial to have predetermined responses. When our trailer was stolen, the immediate reaction was calm and collected. This wasn’t by accident; it was a result of having a plan in place for such unexpected events.

How to Prepare Your Heart

Preparing your heart for potential crises involves understanding that God is bigger than any situation. The Bible promises that God will turn everything the enemy intended for evil into good (Romans 8:28). This doesn’t mean making uncomfortable situations comfortable but molding our character to be more like Christ.

Deleting Everything Unnecessary

Why Clear Your Calendar?

In times of crisis, your well-thought-out plans and schedules may need to be put on hold. When our trailer was stolen, all non-essential meetings and activities were rescheduled. This allowed us to focus on what truly mattered: preparing for Easter Sunday.

How to Prioritize

Focus on the essentials. For us, it was ensuring the health of our team, rallying our church, and making sure we were ready for Sunday. Everything else was secondary.

Clear Communication

Who Needs to Know What?

Clear communication is vital. Not everyone needs all the information. We created different levels of communication for our top leaders, dream team, and the entire church. This ensured that everyone had the information they needed without overwhelming them.

How to Communicate Effectively

When communicating, be concise and clear. Over-communication can create more questions than clarity. Focus on what is necessary for each group to know and stick to that.

Rallying Your Team

How to Rally Effectively

Rallying your team around the mission and vision is crucial. When our trailer was stolen, we immediately gathered our leaders to map out what was needed for Sunday. This quick action helped us stay focused and united.

The Role of the Big C Church

The support from other churches was overwhelming. They provided us with the necessary equipment, showing the power of the Big C Church working together. This unity was a testament to God’s provision and the strength of community.

Running the Play

Why Stick to the Plan?

Once you have a plan, stick to it. Running the play involves executing the plan without getting distracted by sideways energy. Focus on the mission and avoid getting bogged down by less important issues.

How to Handle Sideways Energy

Sideways energy can derail your efforts. It’s essential to keep everyone focused on the primary goal. For us, it was ensuring we could hold our Easter service despite the setback.

Life Application

Applying These Lessons to Your Life

Navigating crises requires preparation, clear communication, and a united team. This week, consider the following questions to help you apply these lessons:

1. **What are your predetermined responses to potential crises?**

2. **How can you clear your calendar to focus on what truly matters during a crisis?**

3. **Who needs to know what information, and how can you communicate it clearly?**

4. **How can you rally your team around the mission and vision during challenging times?**

5. **What steps can you take to avoid sideways energy and stay focused on the goal?**

Challenge for the Week

This week, take some time to prepare for potential crises. Develop a plan, communicate it with your team, and ensure everyone knows their role. By doing this, you’ll be better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way, turning potential setbacks into opportunities for growth and unity.


Crises are inevitable, but with the right preparation and mindset, they can be navigated successfully. By focusing on predetermined responses, clear communication, and rallying your team, you can turn challenging situations into opportunities for growth and unity. Remember, God is bigger than any crisis, and He will use these moments to mold your character and strengthen your faith.


Nick Newman

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