Trust in Transitions | Selah Leaders Podcast | Episode 3

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In this episode of the Selah Leaders Podcast, we talk about transition seasons.

*After recording this episode, our team caught an error during the section of the teaching at 3:39-4.:25. The scripture about Jesus feeding the 5,000 comes from Mark 6 and occurs before Jesus walks on water rather than before Jesus napping during the storm. This story comes from a passage in Mark 4.

You’re going to make it (03:25)

Stand on God’s promises in transition (05:59)

If god says we’re going over, there’s no way we’re going under. (06:35)

Nick Newman

Check engine light (11:21)

Storms don’t create the worst in us, they reveal the worst. (12:07)

Nick Newman

4 step transition process (realign, redefine, reassign, release) (15:01)

For leaders, your greatest influence gainer is in transition seasons. (21:36)

Nick Newman

How do you know it’s time to let someone go? (22:58)

It’s time to let somebody go when their weaknesses have now become liabilities. (23:14)

Nick Newman


Nick Newman

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