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A tribe of leaders that embrace a lifestyle of rest

Your health matters

At Selah Leaders, we provide resources, coaching, and community for leaders to help you embrace a lifestyle of rest. We know that it can be difficult as a leader to rest but it's worth it. Your joy, health and longevity depends on it!

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Are you a lead pastor?

The Lead Pastors Getaway is designed to help equip you to embrace a lifestyle of rest in the midst of ministry. Enjoy 3 nights in the mountains of North Carolina with people who understand what you go through as a pastor.

What the future holds


Solitude House

We would love to have a house in the mountains of North Carolina for leaders to be able to getaway for a time of solitude and silence. The ideal place is a 2 bedroom/ 1 bath house near a river in NC.


Pastor's Wives Getaway

We know that Pastors wives carry a unique weight that most do not understand. Often there are tons of opportunities for Pastor to getaway but not their spouse.


2nd Chair Leaders Getaway

Leading from the second chair comes with a unique perspective. Jump on a getaway with like-minded leaders who embrace the call to use their gifts and serve their senior leader.

From the very beginning of hosting Lead Pastor Getaways, our heart has been to make them super affordable for Pastors to draw away and spend time recharging. The average trip cost around $875 per Pastor however thanks to generous donors, these trips are free! Limited finances never keep a pastor from attending these events thanks to those who partner with us, scholarships are available!


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